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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Update

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As a valued member of our Udacity Community, we want to let you know that we are making some changes to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We have refined and reorganized our policies for clarity and transparency. We’ve also made some important changes, which are summarized below.

We encourage you to review the fully updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which will be launched shortly.

Summary of Changes to Privacy Policy:

  • Improved Readability: We have revised and reorganized the policy overall to make it more understandable. For example, we’ve removed terminology defining “personal information” and exchanged that for descriptions of the types of data (e.g. IP addresses) as we believe this provides further clarity. Similarly, we moved information on what specific data we collect under one heading rather than having that information dispersed throughout the policy.
  • Improved Transparency: We’ve included further explain our online behavioral advertising and cookie collection practices, including a reference to our Cookie Policy. We’ve also added further details around our collection, use, and sharing of information you provide us in connection with the use of our Services. For example, how we collect, use and share information in connection with: a) Online Courses sponsored by a User’s employer, b) applications for enrollment in certain Online Courses, and c) admissions processes, as well as the optional careers profile and related services.
  • GDPR Updates: We’ve updated our policy to support the implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which regulates the control and/or processing of personal data or data subjects in the European Union.
  • Cookies: We’ve also updated our Cookie Policy on the U.S. site to provide more direct explanation of our practices.

Summary of Changes to Terms of Use:

  • Updated for Changes to Our Services: We have grown as a company since our last Terms of Use update and need update information on our product offerings. For example, we now have an Employee and Enterprise Sponsored Access offering where employers or businesses you are affiliated with may sponsor your participation in a Nanodegree Program.
  • Improved Readability: We have revised and reorganized the policy overall for readability. For example, we’ve removed old terminology and placed similar topics in closer proximity.
  • Improved Clarity: We wanted to make sure that you understand what your rights and obligations are and what terms apply to them. We have clarified and updated some definitions. We have also we called out that specific Nanodegree programs may have additional terms and obligations, e.g. Special Nanodegree Terms & Conditions.
  • Student and Attendee Communications: We’ve revised and clarified what you can expect when you agree to receive electronic and/or SMS communications and deleted and moved some language that we thought was better addressed in our Privacy Policy.
  • User Content: Other Users may share suggestions and other information, we do not vet and are not responsible for this information that they share or post on our Site or social channels.
  • Forums, Chats, and Social Sharing Provisions: We’ve provided more guidance on what to expect when using social channels and communities connected with our Services.
  • Payment Terms: We’ve updated these for clarity to better inform Users about their payment options, obligations, and refunds.
  • Ideas and Feedback Submissions: We have added a section to explain if and how we would entertain such submissions.

We believe these changes will help users better understand our policies and data collection practices.

If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to contact us through